Rob and Amy Holleman

Monday, November 26, 2012

Wade 3 years old ..update

Wade turns 3!! Our little pirate is now 3.

Some things about Wade at age 3.

1. He is now potty trained. It took him 2 days to get it down. One day I bought the wrong diapers. The Luvs diapers I bought didn't have monkeys on the diapers and Wade threw a huge fit so I asked him if he wanted to just wear his sweats. He said yes and we haven't looked back since. It's so cute watching him run off to the potty. He sits down when he pees which makes it easier on me.

2. Favorite show: Little Bear. He has been watching this show for a year. All his phrases and ideas come from little bear. When it snowed last week the first thing he asked was if we could go skating (ice) like little bear. Little bear loves going exploring and so does Wade. He loves putting his backpack on and says, "lets go explore."

3. Favorite food: nothing. Wade is terribly picky. He eats eggs, bacon, hamburgers, yogurt, cheerios and that is about it. Although, he loves ice cream, oreos, sprinkled donut, and fruit snacks.

4. 3rd birthday presents: From grandma he got some toys from the 2nd hand store that he likes but his favorite gift were his balloons. He played with them for about a month.

5. New things he likes to do: He likes to take his clothes off and make us put them back on. He hates wearing a coat.

6. My name is mom mom. Never just mom. Always mom mom.

7. The night before Thanksgiving he threw up in the night all over Rob's shirt and he loves to tell the story..."and then I threw up on dadda's shirt and in the toilet."

8. His main friends are Theo (our cat), mom, and dad. His new friends are Kyra and Kyrie. His new favorite place to go is Goldfish swim school (just open swim).

9. He knows all his letters and seems to be recognizing some words in books. I was a little shocked at that. He has known all his letters for a few months. Thanks "Super Why" ..the power to read!

10. He hates sesame street loves little bear, little Einstein's, and super why.

11. Still doesn't really like to read books.

12. He will sing Twinkle twinkle little star with me at night before bed. He loves that song. It's so cute when he tries to sing it.

13. Dad is still his favorite. lol. For sure.

14. He loves grandma's Ipad and grandma loves sitting with him while he plays it.

He is growing up. I don't miss changing poopy diapers!!! Yeah!

28 days till xmas Pre- resolutions

Well, enough is enough. It's a few days after Thanksgiving and I've had enough of my eating habits and lack of exercise. My client Stephanie suggested I blog to make my change. She said, "you did so good with your no shopping last year maybe its time for a blog post." 

So here I am. Now to figure out what changes I want to make. I'll call this my pre-new years resolutions. 

1. No work on Monday at Wednesday nights. (I tend to work every night of the week if I'm not careful. I must stick to this plan.) 

2. 30 minutes of exercise a day. Could be anything. Lift, run, walk, basketball. Everyday. No excuses. Time to build a habit. I was going to say an hour but I just lifted for 30 minutes and it's 9 pm so unless I want to fail at my resolution on Day 1 I better be realistic and say 30 minutes. 

3. Step 1: till xmas: No candy bars, cake, baked goods, pie, peanut butter balls, sugar. no sugar basically in the form of baked good or candy. Oh, and no frickin' donuts. (shaking my head). 

4. Read a book. Just one. 

This sounds so simple but that sugar addiction is evil. Wish me luck. If I succeed I'm going to reward myself with a donut. (lol jk). I'll reward myself with a 60 minute massage. I've been wanting one but I don't deserve one at this point. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Side note on new years resolution --moderation is key

I didn't spend any money for those couple months and I believe it backfired...we bought a house, a driveway, a basketball hoop, weight equipment, clothes, shoes etc.

Next years resolution: Do all things in moderation.

Kind of funny if you think about it. Now I'm enjoying spending money a bit too much! What can I say, helping the economy out!

It's been awhile...

Well readers...I know you have anxiously waiting for this. I haven't written in a very long time and I think it's because I'm ashamed of my failure on my new years resolutions. I have read some more books but I don't remember what they are. Here is a brief update of the last few months...

July 21 we bought our first house. We now live in Dexter in a wonderful house. We spent the summer just relaxing and barely left all summer. Last week they finished putting in our concrete driveway with ample space for our "goal-rilla" basketball hoop. I think the space is big enough for a 3 point line almost all the way around. Probably not all the way to the corners but I was never much of a corner shooter anyway, too confining.

Our basement is my most favorite part of the house. It is 800 square feet open span (no poles or walls) with wood floor (think yoga flooring) and 10 foot ceilings (important for weight lifting because if you are doing a standing shoulder press the weights don't hit the ceiling, you can also do step ups without hitting your head). It is a walkout basement with huge windows that will eventually be very expensive to replace. Rob and I bought some nice gym equipment and now we never have to leave our house! I've enjoyed having my Dexter girls over for some lifting this summer. Wade has lots of room to run, play, and jump on our old king size mattress. I could go on and on about how I love our house but that would be boring. Just come see it sometime!

Wade is nearing 2 years old. He is starting to babble more and say some more words but really he isn't much of a talker (gets that from his dad). His words right now are, hot, mamma, dada, papa, theo, eggs (sounds like ass), tato (potato), all done, thank u, kitty, and no.

His favorite toys are any type of cars or trains. His favorite thing to do is dive onto the mattress on the bed and he also loves to grab us by the shorts and make us go to a certain spot. aka..boss us around. His favorite movie is "Cars" and I will admit we probably allow him to watch it too often. The kid doesn't sit still so when he does sit and watch a movie I don't really mind.

We went for 1.5 monts without cable and just recently caved. Cable guy is coming sometime tomorrow. Rob bought the baseball channel when we moved in and we had been watching Wade's movies. It will be nice to have t.v. back. We were just being cheap and seeing how long we could last. I actually really enjoy "Cars". The other night I asked Rob if we could watch it because we hadn't seen it in a couple days. I did cry the first time I saw Lightning slam on his breaks and throw it in reverse to go help out the other car. I'm such a sap..and no I'm not pregnant I just tear up easily at that kind of stuff.

My dad and mom have helped with a lot of house projects. We built shelves in the basement, painted the kitchen, bathroom, and Wade's room, and just lots of general organizing. Peg specializes in this.

Next on the list is to get the basketball hoop assembled and up so we can use it before it snows.

Other than a couple beach days we didn't really go anywhere this summer. We did go up to Traverse City for a long weekend early in the summer but we were very content in our new house here in Dexter.

Next trip is back to Scottsdale, Arizona with Rob's college roommates and kids for a Halloween vacation! Basically we wanted to squeeze in 1 more airplane trip before Wade turns 2 (fly free until age 2) in November and get away before basketball takes over our lives this winter.

Rob will be coaching the JV boys at Dexter and I'll be coaching the JV girls again this year. This will be Rob's first year and we will be very busy shuffling Wade here and there. Should make winter go by fast.

I'm still personal training some (15 hours per week) and giving basketball lessons (6-8) hours per week to kids in Dexter. I love doing it and look forward to working with them right here in my driveway soon. Rob is still working at the VA hospital as a data analyst but is job seeking and may have a lead (has had a couple interviews with the company). He also recently got certified as a personal trainer (NASM). Passed the test and barely studied..ughh.

I am a bit out of practice and I promise my blogs won't be as boring and dry next time. This is more of a recap blog...I'll do better next time.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Deciding if I cheated on my resolution

Book update:
Book 14: Kite Runner (recommended by Paul Steih)
Book 15: Big Girl (recommended by Laura Becker)

I'm only a book or two behind schedule. I've very surprised because it doesn't seem like I've been reading that often.

Shopping update:
At my work they are now selling the clothing line called "Lucy". The clothes are expensive but comfortable and we get a nice discount. I came home with some clothes and I told Rob I wanted to quit on my resolution. He bailed me out by saying that I could have the clothes for Mother's Day (yeah I know it isn't Mother's Day yet). Then I went to Meijer and I was looking at tank tops and I found a bunch of them for dirt cheap $4.99 each to be exact. I couldn't resist. I bought 9 tank tops with the thought that instead of the expensive clothes I would rather have lots of different color tank tops for work. So, I bought (I mean Rob bought for me) 1 pair of capris from work and 9 tank tops from Meijer.

Now the dilemma...if I say that I failed and that I gave up on my resolution then it might be all down hill..or I could say that all of it was for Mother's Day since Rob was going to buy me 2 tanks, pair of pants, and capris anyway. I'm going with the latter. I'm saying that all of it was for Mother's Day because I really don't want to turn back into the mass consumer that I once was just a few months ago.

I also bought a book that is work related so I guess I need to write another amendment stating that I can buy books that are work related. I did buy it on Amazon "used" for 7 dollars so at least I didn't go to Barnes and Noble and get it for 24.

And then Rob needed some new shorts so he bought some and I found another dang tank top at Kohls (bad store for me to be in)...and I'm calling that another Mother's Day present. Now I'm going to "lock down" till my birthday (May 17) and not find any excuses for my purchases.

I will not give up. This is just a little speed "bump" and I will recover and continue to strive for less. I am proud of myself for how long I did make it though. Solid 4 months is pretty damn good, for a female.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

April update

Book 12: Zookeepers Wife (recommended by Esther Ullman)
Book 13: Bridge of Sighs (recommended by Carol Cole)

My team bought me a gift card to Dicks Sporting Goods so I decided that I could shop if I use a giftcard. I found shoes that I wanted and the total was .69 cents more than what I had. So I have officially blown my resolution unless I write another amendment.

Amendment #1: Use of gift cards are ok.
Amendment #2: Must be over 1 dollar to count against my resolution.

So, I still haven't bought anything. I thought I needed a new rug for our house but I just shifted a rug from another room and that took care of that need/desire. Still going strong. I have been struggling lately because I'm headed to Arizona this Thursday. Whenever I go on vacation I always think I need new clothes. It has been tough I will admit. I want to go to Old Navy so bad. I will not go though. I have plenty of clothes.

Another struggle has been at work. My gym has decided to torture me with selling a clothing line, Lucy, and I want to buy some pants sooo bad! I get 40% off and so it is killing me. They are still ridiculously expensive so I will not do it. Everyday I am being tested. If I make it to the end of the year, January 1, 2012 will be a big shopping day! If I make it....

Friday, March 25, 2011

Book 11 - and Shopping Amendment

Book 11 - Love the one your with - quick read. chick book. Not much to say about it. Easy read. Nice follow up to my 670 pager.
I'm 1 book behind schedule but almost finished with one so I am just about on schedule actually.

Shopping Amendment

Last night we had our end of the season basketball banquet and I received a gift card to Dicks Sporting Goods from my generous team. Back in January, I never specified if I was allowed to shop with a gift card. I have decided that I am allowed to shop with the gift card and it will not count against me (I love making up the rules.) I am still "clean" with no shopping. This week at Target I almost bought Wade a little toilet, coat, and some foam things for the bath. I actually had them in my shopping cart and when I approached the check out counters I took a beeline straight to the Starbucks counter and ditched my cart deciding that my mom could probably find all these things at a garage sale for under $5. Another victory for me! I am safe for another day! With ever shopping trip that ends in success I gain more and more confidence.

I will let you all know what I decide to buy with my gift card. It seems so much harder to chose what I want because it will probably be my only item for the rest of the year = ) I'm thinking new shoes or maybe a new pair of workout pants as mine are getting a little "grubby." Even typing those words I kind of sigh and ask myself, "do I really need them?" This resolution has really changed me.

I never thought I'd be able to read this many book or not shop. I have many people telling me that I should not deprive myself but I've gone this long now and I don't know if anything will feel worth buying ever again (slight exaggeration). Wade will need some things eventually but Rob can handle picking up some shoes or pants.

Moral of the story is, set your goals high because you never know what you can achieve unless you try.