Monday, November 26, 2012

Wade 3 years old ..update

Wade turns 3!! Our little pirate is now 3.

Some things about Wade at age 3.

1. He is now potty trained. It took him 2 days to get it down. One day I bought the wrong diapers. The Luvs diapers I bought didn't have monkeys on the diapers and Wade threw a huge fit so I asked him if he wanted to just wear his sweats. He said yes and we haven't looked back since. It's so cute watching him run off to the potty. He sits down when he pees which makes it easier on me.

2. Favorite show: Little Bear. He has been watching this show for a year. All his phrases and ideas come from little bear. When it snowed last week the first thing he asked was if we could go skating (ice) like little bear. Little bear loves going exploring and so does Wade. He loves putting his backpack on and says, "lets go explore."

3. Favorite food: nothing. Wade is terribly picky. He eats eggs, bacon, hamburgers, yogurt, cheerios and that is about it. Although, he loves ice cream, oreos, sprinkled donut, and fruit snacks.

4. 3rd birthday presents: From grandma he got some toys from the 2nd hand store that he likes but his favorite gift were his balloons. He played with them for about a month.

5. New things he likes to do: He likes to take his clothes off and make us put them back on. He hates wearing a coat.

6. My name is mom mom. Never just mom. Always mom mom.

7. The night before Thanksgiving he threw up in the night all over Rob's shirt and he loves to tell the story..."and then I threw up on dadda's shirt and in the toilet."

8. His main friends are Theo (our cat), mom, and dad. His new friends are Kyra and Kyrie. His new favorite place to go is Goldfish swim school (just open swim).

9. He knows all his letters and seems to be recognizing some words in books. I was a little shocked at that. He has known all his letters for a few months. Thanks "Super Why" ..the power to read!

10. He hates sesame street loves little bear, little Einstein's, and super why.

11. Still doesn't really like to read books.

12. He will sing Twinkle twinkle little star with me at night before bed. He loves that song. It's so cute when he tries to sing it.

13. Dad is still his favorite. lol. For sure.

14. He loves grandma's Ipad and grandma loves sitting with him while he plays it.

He is growing up. I don't miss changing poopy diapers!!! Yeah!

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